Bluetooth for Windows 10

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· 23/07/2017 16:33 (6 năm trước)

Thông Tin Chính · Bluetooth for Windows 10

  • Access Bluetooth settings directly from your home screen
  • Last updated on 06/02/17
  • There have been 0 updates within the past 6 months

Giới Thiệu · Bluetooth for Windows 10

Bluetooth shortcut tile This application allows direct access to Bluetooth settings from your home screen. You can pin Bluetooth settings to the Start Screen, allowing you to quickly go and turn on/off this feature.
Windows Phone doesn't include quick toggles for settings like Bluetooth, but we add that feature. Digging into settings every time you want to turn Bluetooth on/off is a pain, and this app brings it right back to your fingertips.

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